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eShield Free Antivirus is one of the best free solutions to malware related problems affecting your computer
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6 June 2017

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Antiviruses are synonymous with every computer system that is running in the present era, which might be or might not be connected to the internet world. While it is important to install a decent antivirus it is also note-worthy that most antivirus applications have hefty price tags and also are very large in size. Now if you want to do away with the object of large size of the antivirus and complicated installation or want to avoid any money spending without then you will be requiring a solution that is called as eShield Free Antivirus 1.4.0. This software application is a robust protection system which can save your PC from any kind of worries with very easy and effective process.

eShield Free Antivirus 1.4.0 is loaded with a powerful antivirus engine that can shield your PC from any dreaded virus, Trojans, worms and any kind of other threats. It can block the threats that usually occurs from the Websites, emails, IMs or even from folders that are located inside the PC. Other than Virus and Worms the tool can capture spyware, dialler, adware, key-logger or root kits nullify them so that they can do no harm to the computer. With a glance on the smart interface of the software you can point out tabs of Scanning, Update, Configuration, Log and Help clearly. Once the antivirus software is done with the scanning process it is up to you whether you just want to see the files infected files or delete them automatically or move to any protected locations. Further it has other options that can enable you to scan sub-directories, allow or disallow Temp files etc.

Added to a brilliant protection eShield Free Antivirus 1.4.0 has to offer this utility is a freeware and does not cost any money. Hence it becomes a mandatory for us to rate this free antivirus with 3 stars on 5.

Publisher's description

Having a virus-free computer does not have to be costly especially if you are a home user. In fact, it can be totally free! Stop your hunt for great antivirus programs and just start the hunt for the files that endanger your PC right away with eShield Free Antivirus - a powerful software for home users with fully capable antivirus and antispyware engines keeping your PC safe from various threats originating from the Web, your files, emails, or instant messages.
eShield Free Antivirus provides a crucial wall of defense against a multitude of dangers including virus, trojan, worm, spyware, adware, dialer, keylogger and rootkit infections and it does that with surprisingly low resource consumption. Due to wide-ranging detection technology, the program can easily identify viruses that can successfully dodge other scanners. It allows you to configure it so as to perform auto-updates at the interval you specify.
Among the main qualities of eShield Free Antivirus is its simplicity, allowing it to be easily handled by anyone. Smart interface which includes five large icons cleverly arranged: Scan, Update, Config, Log, Help. If you have any queries just click on the last icon to get further info on how to use the program.
When running eShield Free Antivirus, its integration into your system is full - enabling you to scan any particular file at any time: simply right-click on a certain file and the Scan with EShield Free Antivirus option will appear. Furthermore, the program allows you when performing scanning to opt for scanning subdirectories recursively, remove temporary files and add to context menu explorer.
Enjoy a virus-free experience with eShield Free Antivirus!
eShield Free Antivirus
eShield Free Antivirus
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